Is Mystery Shopping Just Shopping? No!

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At Scisco a question that comes up regularly from potential mystery shoppers is the question if the mystery shopping experience is all about retail. Our immediate answer is no! Although mystery shopping is its name it involves all different types of industries.

Good customer service is essential in all areas – from the simple retail in a shop to more complex customer complaints departments – the way you treat your customers should always come first. It is for this reason that secret shopping is popular in a range of different sectors as all CEO have the same aim – good quality service which makes the customers come back for more.

At Scisco our clients range from corporate, formal businesses to relaxed hospitality firms all looking to investigate ways to improve their company. The role of the mystery shopper is to act as a normal customer, ask reasonable demands and wait for great service – all in a covert way.

So what are the different industries you can help make better? The wide range can include informational help lines such as those in customer care call centres and can test the level of customer service via a recording of the telephone conversation. This can be carried out from home resulting in less expenses and little need to travel far. It is also possible to help hotels and bed and breakfasts improve by becoming a mystery hotel guest – this involves staying away from home regularly and reporting the level of service as well as additional aspects such as cleanliness and quality of food. A similar type of mystery shopper is needed for restaurants and dining out events again to taste the food but also study the service, waiting time and reasonability of the bill.

For more experienced and technical clients we require mystery shoppers with an IT edge capable of testing and playing around on new websites spotting problems and testing usability. We also would love to hear from those who are specialists and knowledgeable in transport and logistics helping companies to measure performance and compliance to industry standards.

Finally, there is of course retail and entertainment sectors that consist of shops, theme parks and spas where we ask mystery shoppers to test the rides, purchase the clothes or ride the rollercoaster’s so we can give a true representation of the experience to our client.

Mystery shopping  can be the perfect part time job for those looking for extra cash or for students looking to earn a little more to see them through their studying – it is by no means gender restrictive and most certainly does not only include shops. With such a wide range of industries we need mystery shoppers from all over the country with varying interests and different ages.

If you think mystery shopping could be for you then why not register today to find out more info and see exactly what exciting and secret tasks could be in store for you!

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