Our Services

We provide a range of services based around developing customer service. These services are used to create a better experience for your customer, which in turn will benefit you and your business. We will spend time with you and your business to determine which of these services will benefit your business the most, and we will give you access to our online software where you will have the ability to view your executive reports, graphs and summaries 24/7.

We will work with you to design a report that will provide a scored analysis on all areas of the customer experience; this scoring method will give you an accurate and consistent measure over time allowing you to identify what areas have been improved and those that still require attention. Short narratives can also be provided to compliment and justify the scores achieved on each visit.  Additionally, if desired, a subjective opinion of the shopper can be provided on your reports.

Our trained and experienced Mystery Shoppers provide accurate information following their visits, giving you the required insight from a ‘real’ customer’s perspective. Companies that use Mystery Shopping can see clearly how great service is linked to happy and loyal customers.

Choosing our Mystery Shopping service is actually choosing to make an investment in your own business.  We will help you identify your weak areas so that they can be addressed and just as importantly we can help you see the strong areas of your business, allowing you to praise your staff for a job well done.

Report Based Mystery Shopping

Report based mystery shopping is an excellent tool if you require quick, economic feedback. We will create a bespoke report based on your business specifications, and we will provide informative mystery programmes which you will have 24hour a day access to, via our online system.

Video Mystery Shopping

Video mystery visits are an excellent way of experiencing the actual reality of the service being delivered within your business. This tool is fantastic to use for training and development or for monitoring customer service. Our experienced video mystery shoppers will film the encounter to give  you the view of an everyday customer.


This is an excellent, quick and easy tool to use, as many prospective customers make initial contact by telephone. We can provide feedback in two ways, report or recorded format.


We can monitor your internet site and give you feedback on the appearance, usability and functionality. We can make an enquiry to see how quickly we receive a response from your company or we can make a purchase and follow the process from start to finish.


We can submit general enquires or complaints to your company using emails or letters, and asses quality of the response as well as time scales.

Twitter & Facebook

Social networking is becoming an extremely popular method of communication. We have a large database of home mystery shoppers who have a number of Facebook and Twitter accounts, we can use this panel of shoppers to monitor the quick responses your company provides using these networking sites.

Competitor Visits

Once you have assessed your own service standards, why not take a look at what your competitors are offering. We can provide direct comparisons with your service using the exact format as your own mystery visits.

Customer Satisfaction Research

We can interview your customers and feedback to you what they think of your service and what they think could be changed and improved. We can do this via telephone or on site.  If you would like to know why a customers switched to a competitor or whether current customers might consider doing so and why, we can find out.

Follow up Analysis

Once your programme is under way we will assign an Account Manager to your business. Your Account Manager will assess your results on a regular basis and provide you with support, feedback and advice on how to move forward with your Mystery Shopping programme.

To find out more about the services we offer call our office today or contact us online.