Why Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping is a fantastic tool to help you understand and improve your business, it can be used in any industry including retail stores, hotels, restaurants, fast food, banks and car dealerships. Mystery shopping is a tool to assess and improve the customer service experience.

We firmly believe that using Mystery Shoppers is the most effective way to measure your customer service. Every company should determine what level of service they would like to give their customers.  However it is imperative that they understand it is the customer who actually determines what level of service has been delivered.

Mystery Shopping is the most effective way to measure the customer experience that your company is providing. Our Mystery Shoppers provide accurate information of what is happening from a ‘real’ customer’s perspective. Companies who use Mystery Shopping to improve the quality of service they offer find that great service trends do result in happy and loyal customers.

Mystery Shopping has many advantages for your business including identifying weaknesses in customer sales and service delivery, compliance, ensuring employees are complying with industry legal requirements, and security by ensuring employees are being honest when handling cash.

As well as your business, your employees also gain many advantages including awareness of how to treat customers, sales and service levels improve, motivation, by giving recognition for a job well done, and impartial feedback from a third party.

The benefits of Mystery Shopping are ten fold.  Assessing your staff and the service they are providing will allow you to identify and act upon training requirements; this investment in your team(s) will reduce staff turnover and improve overall morale. As a result you will be in a better position to deliver a great service, creating loyal and happy customers which of course in turn will lead to the financial long term success of your business.