Effectively measure your customer service and employee integrity

Understand and improve your business

About Us

With a desire to provide a new, passionate and dedicated Mystery Shopping Service Scisco UK was created by its team of Directors. Channelling all of their combined skills, experience and expertise the team have developed a Company completely focussed on providing a first rate service and support network.

Our Directors lead from the front and are actively involved in the business on a day to day basis. Their passion for our Company, our team and the service we deliver generates their enthusiasm and sees them constantly assessing our service looking for areas of improvement that will in turn benefit our clients.

Why Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping is a fantastic tool to help you understand and improve your business, it can be used in any industry including retail stores, hotels, restaurants, fast food, banks and car dealerships. Mystery shopping is a tool to assess and improve the customer service experience.

We firmly believe that using Mystery Shoppers is the most effective way to measure your customer service. Every company should determine what level of service they would like to give their customers.  However it is imperative that they understand it is the customer who actually determines what level of service has been delivered.

Our Services

We provide a range of services based around developing customer service. These services are used to create a better experience for your customer, which in turn will benefit you and your business. We will spend time with you and your business to determine which of these services will benefit your business the most, and we will give you access to our online software where you will have the ability to view your executive reports, graphs and summaries 24/7.

We will work with you to design a report that will provide a scored analysis on all areas of the customer experience; this scoring method will give you an accurate and consistent measure over time allowing you to identify what areas

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